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Published on March 19th, 2013


Who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio? The new Vatican Pope Francis I

White smoke out of chimney of the Sistine Chapel on Wednesday evening, signifying that the Catholic Church has a new pope.

St. Peter’s Basilica bells began to resonate, confirming the choice of the 266 th Pope of the Catholic Church’s history, after the resignation of Benedict XVI’s historic century.

The new Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, born on December 17, 1936 in Argentina. He became archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1998 and in 2001 was elevated to cardinal according to Wikipedia.

According to Reuters, Begoglio lost a lung when he was less than 25 years because of severe respiratory diseases.

After graduating from seminary in Villa Devoto, Bergoglio entered the Jesuit Order, on 11 March 1958. He obtained a degree in philosophy at the Colegio Maximo San Jose in the city of San Miguel, and taught literature and psychology. He was baptised on 13 December 1969 by Archbishop Jose Ramon Castellano.

Impressed by his leadership skills, the Jesuits promoted by Bergoglio rector of the seminary of San Miguel.

As a cardinal, he held several administrative positions, becoming a member of the Commission for Latin America and the Family Council. Became known by his humility, doctrinal conservatism and commitment to social justice. Lives in a small house, a chauffeured limo dropped in favor of public transport and he is cooking his own food.

Upon the death of Pope John Paul II, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was considered eligible and participated in the 2005 conclave in which he was elected Pope Benedict XVI.

In 2010, Jorge Mario Bergoglio strongly opposed legalization of gay marriage in Argentina, where abortion is banned and protested against changing the law granted transsexuals to change their gender. In September 2012, he criticized priests who refuse to baptize children born out of wedlock, calling them “hypocrites”.

The new Pope is the first who choses the name Francis. St. Francis of Assisi, in honor of whom the new pope chose the name was Italian Catholic monk. He lived from 1181-1226 and founded the Franciscan Order, which still functions as one of the largest charities in the world. Also, St. Francis founded the Order of St. Clare, Women and the Third Order of St. Francis. Argentina is also the name chosen by reference to Francis Xavier, a Catholic missionary who founded the Jesuit Order. Born in the Kingdom of Navarre (currently Spanish territory), Francis Xavier in acute as professor Ignatius of Loyola and was one of the first seven Jesuits who founded the Society of Jesus.

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