whats the secret of the oldest man world 111 years old

Records What's the secret of the oldest man alive (111 years old)?

Published on May 26th, 2014


What’s the secret of the oldest man in the world (111 years)?

The 111 years old man, doctor Alexander Imich, from New York, was officially declared the oldest man in the world, and went into the Guinness World Records.

According to Guinness World Records, now the oldest person in the world is a woman, Misao Okawa Osaka, Japan, which is 116 years old.

The oldest person recognized by Guinness World Records is Louise Calment, a French woman who died at 122 years and 164 days in 1997.

Alexander Imich believes that the secret to his longevity are genes and balanced lifestyle.

Dr. Imich was born in in present-day Częstochowa, Poland, which was then part of the Russian Empire, on February 4th, 1903. In 1951, he and his wife, Wela, immigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union and Imich has lived in Manhattan alone since she passed away in 1986.

Dr. Imich is a parapsychologist and retired chemist.

His motto is to: “always pursue what one loves and is passionate about“.

Dr. Imich’s history and recognition encompasses a variety of milestones. Robert Young commented, “He is both the oldest living war veteran and the first ‘oldest living man’ to hold a doctorate”.

So far researchers do not know what causes a life so long for some people. A survey in 2010 showed 150 genetic markers that can predict with 77% accuracy whether a person will live more than 90 years.

Another study, published in 2011, has re-emphasized the importance of genes. A year later, researchers found that people who consume a Mediterranean diet based on vegetable, fruit and fish, live longer.

The study was conducted on residents of villages on the island of Sicily, who eat very little red meat and carbohydrates.

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