what people used before the invention of toilet paper


Published on February 24th, 2013


What people used before the invention of toilet paper?

Toilet paper is one of those thing which without we can not imagine today’s life. However, for many centuries until its invention, people used other methods to maintain hygiene.

So what did humankind use before the invention of this paper? The Greeks, for example, helped themselves with stones and clay. Romans, more sophisticated opted for sponge mounted at the end of a stick. When it was used, the sponge was placed in a bucket of sea water. Problem with this instrument was that are shared.

In 1391, during the Song Dynasty, a Chinese emperor demanded to be made ​​on special paper sheets with dimensions of 60 by 90 centimeters to use the toilet. The king’s application was not just unusual, given that Chinese people already using plain paper to maintain hygiene.

For Europeans situated in north, moss was used for cleaning, while the rest of the snow was very helpful. By the colonial period, in the West, things progressed much in this area. Americans spent more time wiping the leaves of corn, until they have realized that they can use newspapers.

Even if the godson of Queen Elizabeth invented one of the first water toilets, in 1596, commercial toilet paper has not circulated until 1857.

Source: Mental Floss

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