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Records Horses drawn carriages in front of the Louvre museum on November 24, 2013 in Paris, a week before the opening of the Horse fair which runs from November 30, to December 8, 2013. AFP PHOTO / ERIC FEFERBERG

Published on January 9th, 2014


What was the most visited museum in the world in 2013?

The Louvre Museum remained in first place among the most visited institutions in the world with 9.2 million visitors in 2013, but the number fell by 500,000 since 2012, informs

According to museum directors, this decrease in the number of visitors is the fact that 2012 was an exceptional year.

In 2012, the Louvre Museum established an absolute world record - 9.7 million visitors - thanks to the opening of new spaces dedicated to the Department of Arts of Islam, the Visconti courtyard, and two exhibitions devoted to “stars” of the Renaissance: Leonardo da Vinci (presenting the restored painting “Saint Anne, the Virgin and Child with the lamb”) and Rafael.

In 2011, 8.89 million people visited the Louvre Museum, which houses 12,000 paintings and other art objects, considered real treasures. Compared with other French museums, the number of visitors to the Louvre is maintained at record level. However, for Jean-Luc Martinez, director of the new Parisian institution, it will be difficult to emulate the same curve of progression like his predecessor. In 2001, Henri Loyrette arrived at the museum, when the Louvre had 5.1 million visitors per year, managing to almost double that figure.

Jean-Luc Martinez is also facing a decline in subsidies, 2.5 % per year, and will have to deal with a sampling of the working capital of 36 million euros over three years. In addition, he will have to accept the insurance policies for loans of works of art that will become increasingly more expensive. Its priorities are to preserve the Louvre-Lens project, opening Louvre Abou Dhabi, rearranging the main access under the Louvre Pyramid, reopening rooms with furniture of the eighteenth century this spring. The new director plans exhibitions who remain at a great scientific value.

An Emirati visitor looks at “Venus and Nymphs Bathing”, a painting by French artist Louis Jean-Francois Lagrenee, that is part of 130 artworks featured at the first large-scale presentation of the permanent collection of Abu Dhabi’s planned Louvre Museum, at a venue on the Saddiyat Island where the museum will be built off the Emirati capital, on April 21, 2013. The Louvre Abu Dhabi, which opened it’s first permanent collection to the public on April 21, is the largest of France’s overseas cultural project, Filippetti told AFP.AFP PHOTO/KARIM SAHIB

In 2013, foreigners accounted for almost 70% of visitors Louvre. Ranked first among foreign visitors are Americans, Chinese and Brazilians.

Another figure in the progression in 2013: 700,000 students passed before Joconde in nearly 28,000 organized groups. Better reception of students remains a stated goal. Special meeting rooms for teachers and teachers will be appointed this year, in the Richelieu wing. Almost 50% of visitors to the Louvre are less than 30 years old.

Regarding the exhibitions organized in 2013 in the Napoleon’s Hall, which is the main are, we saw two exhibitions: “L’ Allemagne à Friedrich Beckmann” and “Le printemps de la Renaissance dans la sculpture florentine”, which received 209,000-215,000 visitors respectively. According to representatives of the museum, these figures are not up to the hopes of the organizers, nor the quality of the works exhibited.

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