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Published on March 11th, 2013


Unique project in China: ‘farmscrapers’ that will produce food for all their people (PHOTO)

Vincent Callebaut Architects, a French company created a solution for achieving sustainable buildings for Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen. The result Shenzhen Asian project called Cairn Farmscraper, an initiative that proposes the construction of six towers with stacked stone look one on top of another.  Besides the ‘farmscrapers’ amazing design, the buildings will provide space for residents, offices, shops, and food food growing areas.

China has often been accused as being irresponsible in dealing with the environment, but this time the new project will not leave room for such accusations.

In a city like Shenzehn, where the population is growing and so are carbon emissions, sustainable development is essential.

Each building will consist of three cross-interleaved spirals that will rise to the clouds.

In the context of hyper-development and accelerating urbanization, this project proposes the construction of urban ecological center, multicultural and multifunctional. It is a natural project, a green prototype, dense, intelligent city connected to ICT (information and communication technologies)“, explained the French company representatives.

The project will also include other sustainable features such as wind turbines and photovoltaic panels cover structures that will gain energy from the sun.

Moreover, waste water will be recycled in large pools of viticulture and sewage lagoons with plants.


Source: Io9

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