Top 3 Alternatives to Bitcoin and Ethereum

Top 3 Alternatives to Bitcoin and Ethereum 1

Bitcoin is the “headline crypto”. It is the bluechip cryptocurrency that is going to grab the most attention. And in my view, it will make a lot of people a lot of money. But the biggest gains will be found in the ‘catch up cryptos’ that are yet to make their biggest surges.

 Here’s what a lot of people are missing… the big companies piling into this market are not striking deals with bitcoin. Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, BMW, AT&T, JP Morgan, Volkswagen, MoneyGram, IBM… They are signing up smaller cryptos tech firms every single day. That’s why – it seems obvious to me – if you are gunning for the biggest possible moves in this market, these ‘catch up plays’ are your best strategy… Because – in terms of growth and profit potential – they could rapidly outpace bitcoin and post outrageous gains in this erupting market. There are two coins in particular that I see a very bright future for. 

The first could see ultimate gains of 3,000%. A move like that could turn a £200 stake into £6k.

 If you’re watching the crypto markets right now and want to take an intelligent, strategic position… And keep some of the high risks in this market to a tolerable minimum… I’d like to show you how. I have been investing in breakthrough technology for decades. What I am seeing in the crypto markets is very exciting.  We are seeing an influx of capital on a breath-taking scale.

And at the same time, we are just at the start of a phase of mainstream adoption. This is the perfect cocktail for a boom. If you can spare a sliver of your risk capital (that’s money you can afford to lose – in this high-risk market) to take advantage – you’d be mad not to.

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