The soundtrack of the brain: brain waves were transformed into music

Scientists in China have created a method that can transform brain waves into a cerebral type of music able to mimic musical compositions created by artists.

The team was led by Jing Lu of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, combined with information collected electroencephalographic (EEG) and imaging techniques, functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) to create soundtracks in the brain.

Previous attempts to create music specialists representing physiological data were based on information provided by electroencephalography notes indicating the height and intensity. Al dough, the scientists found that the information provided by functional magnetic resonance imaging of human composition approximates better the intensity and height are independent of each other.

The soundtrack of the brain: brain waves were transformed into music 1

“Music played intensity created based on EEG is changing rapidly and abruptly, and this does not occur in human compositions. For this reason we chose another source of information, fMRI signal. As a result of this, the combination of EEG data, fMRI plays sounds more like those of compositions created by people”, explained the scientists.

Adding fMRI techniques to the process of composition is of great interest because they record information on energy consumption and neuronal activity in the brain. This means that the generated music is also a sonic representation of the mental state of the subject.

“Music embodies the secrets of the brain in an artistic style. Also, there is a new link created between the brain and music interactive”, said the authors.

The results of this research could prove useful in biofeedback therapy and clinical diagnosis.

Songs produced by brain waves of subjects who took part in the study can be accessed here: Song 1Song 2Song 3Song 4.

Source: Wired

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