The first human skull and scalp transplant in the world

The first human skull and scalp transplant in the world 1

The first skull and scalp transplant in the world was performed in the United States and the operation lasted 15 hours.

Boysen James, age 55, lost the top of his skull following a treatment for a rare type of cancer. He underwent an intervention that marked a first in the medical world: a transplanted scalp and skull.

The American, who worked as a software developer, from Texas, also received a kidney and a new pancreas during the procedure, writes BBC.

He says he is “amazed” how he feels after surgery. “I am amazed at how well I feel and will remain eternally grateful that I got a second chance to do things I love and be with people I love,” said the American.

“It was a very complex operation that had to transplant tissue using microsurgical techniques,” said Dr. Michael Klebuc.

Boysen was diagnosed with cancer in a muscle located on the scalp in 2006. He was treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but the tissue in the area was destroyed permanently.

“Imagine connecting blood vessels 1/16 of an inch under a microscope with tiny stitches about half the diameter of a human hair being done with tools that one would use to make a fine Swiss watch.”

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