A spectacular interactive map shows every birth and death in the world

In 1950, 2.5 billion people lived on earth. Today, on Earth we are more than 7 billion. Moreover, experts from the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that after 30 years, the planet will be inhabited by nine billion people.

Every minute on Earth is a sort of dance of life and death which results in about 107 deaths and 250 births.

Brad Lyon, Ph.D. in mathematics and software developer wanted to make so that these figures are visible and acknowledged.

As a result of this, last year, he and designer Bill Snebold had created an interactive simulator map of births and deaths in the United States.

This project proved to be very popular, which is why recently, the two have released a new map showing the births and deaths worldwide.

“This map is certainly more overwhelming than the U.S. And the rate at which these events occur gives us another chance to perceive how great the world is, ” said Lyon.

“Originally, I was curious as to how a pattern of deaths and births might look, based on current rates, combined with a desire to learn more about some web technologies,” he added.

In this case, the technology is based on d3.js a JavaScript library created by Michael Bostock, a graphics editor at the New York Times.

If you put your mouse over any country on the map you will see data on population, mortality rate and the birth rate, and the number of births and deaths occurring in that time period.

Unfortunately, I can no longer embed this amazing map. However, you can visit the main website over at https://worldbirthsanddeaths.com/

Sources: The Atlantic City, Business Insider

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