Smarter than all of us: Human with the highest IQ 195

Christopher Michael Langan is certainly the smartest human alive with an IQ of 195, where globally, standard IQ is somewhere in 100 points.

Endowed with an IQ of 195, Christopher Michael Langan is certainly the smartest bodyguard that we will ever find in a nightclub. Former cowboy, construction worker, firefighter, bodyguard and now farmer, Chris has a commanding stature, with a height over 1.80 m, a baritone voice and a slightly larger head than other people.

Globally, standard IQ is somewhere in 100 points. Those who earn between 130 and 144, ie 2.14% of the population are people endowed with unusual intelligence, while those who score above 144 points are considered geniuses. But how should we call people who get ten extra points, beyond the standard?

Distribution of population by IQ forms a Gauss curve that one side of mediocrity are positioned very smart people and those with mental disabilities. An ordinary human IQ is about 100 points, while that of a college graduate is 120 points. Therefore, the chance for a man to get a score of around 200 in an IQ test is 1 in a hundred million.

In a world of mediocrity, people like Chris either fail to integrate on their own or are not allowed to do so. According to the American magazine Esquire, Chris had a happy childhood. Christopher Michael Langan was born in San Francisco, California, in 1952, of a kind mother considered the black sheep of the family and a father who never knew. From what the mother, father suffered a heart attack just before the coming of the world. However, until today no Chris does not know whether or not the mother’s confession was true.

Although not developed in an appropriate environment, Chris started talking at the age of 6 months and at 3 – 4 years already knew how to read and write. When he turned 5 years old, his mother already went through a divorce and remarriage and tyrant’s largest consumer of alcoholic beverages. In the intervals of time, his mother gave birth to two other boys, Chris became big brother. “From his point of view, the best way to raise three boys was to form your own military platoon. Those 10 years were spent with him as the army, only there’s no one beats you with a belt or not living in poverty crass “, described Langan part of his childhood alongside his stepfather.

Every day his stepfather woke his three young soldiers at 6 AM. The first year they have subjected Langan and his brothers supposed to pretend that his father hits. If one of them is avoided, then received a beating that even “sister death”. Chris’s body was full of bruises always some fresher than others.

“In my family were not well seen if you were a genius,” Langan said in an interview with ABC television, explaining how his stepfather could not stand and prove that he is wrong, or that there is someone smarter than him.

All this torture continued until he was 14 Langan. One morning, woke up the pain caused by a blow to Jack’s stepfather, the teenager, who until then subjected whereas all these treatments can not help and erupts violently, giving it out on the man. Threats, and force that made ​​the boy proved stepfather disappear as quickly as they had done the rest of the men in his mother’s life.

When he was 12 years, Langan took up body-building in order to defend themselves from peers at school even if not stepfather. On the one hand, very smart, Langan has “jumped” a few classes, bringing the year to learn with other students much bigger than him. Thus, it was seen as strange and sometimes envy. On the other hand, bruises caused by his father made ​​him seem even more vulnerable colleagues. Therefore, Langan chose body-building, a sport without violence but which allowed him to develop. On this occasion, he managed to face attacks at school and even to earn a reputation as a tough guy.

As time passed, Langan realized that school does not teach you anything new and found that the time to deal with one of their own education. Therefore, he spent the last years of high school reading room more than in the classroom, where studying problems of mathematics, physics and philosophy, Latin and Greek. This made ​​the Langan and look different. Teachers do not know what to do with him, nor he recognized potential. As a student coming from a disadvantaged environment that made bodybuilding, he seemed rather like bullies and not of genius trying to survive.

Chris’s life continued on the same path as if it was one of the sons of misfortune. Although he won a scholarship that allowed him to attend college, he lost that right when his mother forgot to fill in application forms. He had to take a break from studies to raise money for the payment of tuition fees at another college. Finally, unsatisfied with the school system, Chris decides to quit studies. “Paid with my own money to take classes taught by thousand of people inferior intellectually. Me I could teach these people more than I could teach them myself. Moreover, they do not understand and does not want to help me“ [sic], recalls Langan.

As time passed, Langan has taught the so-called double life strategy. “On one hand you’re a regular guy. Going to work and you do your job. On the other hand, however, come home and do equations in the head and back off in your own world.”

Despite Langan has earned a living by physical work, he never ceased to study. Since 1989, he began to publish papers and in recent decades most of the time, Langan and spends working on Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe”, a theory “about all “as characterizing the author. As a general theory of reality, CTMU could be applied in any field. Langan’s theory should come as an answer to the question: “How and what can science to describe reality?”. What is the author argues that a full explanation of reality must include not only things we see but how we think about these things.

The problem is that the American put ridden by philosophers and scientists alike. For example science does not accept as “real” something that can not be measured or detected. However, even if you can not measure or see mathematical principles, scientists rely on them to work. In other words, scientists rely on numbers, though still not able to demonstrate that they are real.

By this theory, Langman hopes that, among other things, to explain the relationship between abstract mathematics and concrete science.

Now American genius working on a new theory that wants to prove the existence of God. “Heaven exists,” he said in an interview. “I know that heaven is just because I know I can use my will to create things. In other words, if you ask me if we continue to exist after death, the answer is definitely yes. Nothing in the universe is wasted, the essence is kept is always preserved. “

In addition to these works, Langan created a foundation (Mega Foundation) “to create and implement programs to help individuals develop very intelligent.” Through these programs, very talented individuals can learn on their own without getting bored. Langan explains that boredom is one of the most annoying things facing gifted students who are required to follow the normal curriculum. The Foundation was established in 1999 and concerns all gifted people of all ages.

In recent decades, especially for people like Langan were established several groups of people with an IQ above average. Organizations more exclusive than Mensa, the group which accepts only those with a minimum IQ of 132, Triple 9 Society, Prometheus Society and Mega Society (supporting people with a minimum IQ of 148, 164 and 176 respectively) offers the possibility to become a member HiQ’s Society (contemporary movement that stimulate discussion on a variety of topics smart) through an electronic platform.

Although it is considered a genius, Langan chose to retire with his wife, professor of psychology in Missouri where he owns a farm with 20 horses, 2 llamas and lots of cats. Not infrequently happens to be asked why he chose to live so, in other words, why is not filthy rich, if all have an IQ unparalleled. His answer, in all interviews, is the same: “for me, possessions have much significance, I prefer my life to have meaning.”

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