simplest test can determine youre good liar video

Published on February 3rd, 2014

The Simplest Test That Can Determine If You’re A Good Liar (VIDEO)

There are lots of tests that can tell you what your personality is, how well you deal with those around you or what job suits you best. Also, there are several methods by which scientists can determine if the things said by you are lies or not. Passing over a polygraph or reading facial expressions during interrogations, psychologist Richard Wiseman, the author of “59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute“, has invented a very simple test that tells you whether or not you’re a good liar.

The experiment is called the “Q” test and you only need 5 seconds to complete.

This is how it works: stretched your index finger of your dominant hand. With it draws on your forehead the capital letter Q.

If you draw the letter Q with your tail on the left side, so that someone in front of you can read it, then you are one of those people who are aware of how others perceive you. In short, you’re a good liar.

But if you draw the letter Q with your tail on the right side, so you can read it and not to one who is in front of you, then you’re introvert and very bad when it comes to lying.

Source: Business Insider

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