scientist confirm e cigarttes help smokers quit


Published on May 21st, 2014


Scientist Confirm: E-Cigarttes Help Smokers to Quit!

A new study shows that smokers who use E-cigarettes are more likely to succeed to quit smoking than those who rely solely on willpower or who use nicotine replacement therapy.

A survey of 6,000 smokers found that 20% of them abandoned the habit with electronic cigarettes.

The number of those who managed to quit smoking was 60% higher among those who had appealed to electronic cigarettes than among those who did not use this device.

Researchers at University College London say they have a “positive” perspective on the role that electronic cigarettes can play in reducing the number of smokers.

An increasing number of people have tried the electronic cigarette in recent years. The users have the feeling of smoking, by inhaling a vapor containing nicotine.

However, they continue to be controversial, some authorities wishing to restrict their use in public spaces because they fear that electronic cigarette may “normalize smoking”.

Professor Robert West, one of the leading UK experts in this field, states that “electronic cigarettes may substantially improve public health through proven attraction among public and major health benefits associated with smoking sensation“.

Smokers who use e-cigarettes to quit are more likely to succeed than those who use willpower alone or buy nicotine replacement therapies, such as patches or gum, a study suggests.

Some public health experts fear that using electronic cigarettes can «re-normalize» smoking, but by carefully watching this item we have seen no evidence to suggest that“, notes West.

The number of smokers in England falls, the number who quit smoking increases, and the number of those who never smoked using electronic cigarettes is extremely small“, says the teacher.

Electronic cigarettes are not currently offered by the NHS, public health system in the UK, because more studies are needed on the effects of their long-term use.

However, the teacher says that, based on what he known today, electronic cigarette vapor content is much less risky than smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are not without risks, but have a lower health risk than smoking tobacco and could also help people who want to quit smoking“, said a spokesman for the Department of Health.

Source: BBC News

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