science has found out how the ideal man looks

Human body Science has found out how the ideal man looks

Published on November 30th, 2012


Science has found out how the ideal man looks

Some women prefer men with beautiful eyes, others say that dreams featured a partner as masculine, such as those with strong jaws or big and muscular arms. None the less, when speaking in evolutionary terms, it would seem that fat and not masculine indicates the attractiveness of a man.

With luck, these traits will be passed to your offspring, which is why any woman looking for a partner with good genetic material and a strong immune system. That is, until now, it was believed that more masculine traits of a man are considered to be a more suitable partner.

However, a new study published this week comes and overturns this theory. Scientists have discovered that a man‘s waist size is more important than masculinity expressed by facial features when it comes to choosing a partner with a strong immune system.

In the study, 29 women of childbearing cycle (when women are more receptive to sexual hints and sensitive masculinity) noted pictures of 69 men. Subsequently, scientists have taken advantage of these notes assigned photos and compared them with each man‘s immune response to hepatitis B vaccine also specialists measured the participants’ levels of circulating testosterone.

The results showed that if men have received a high note, this is not necessarily meant that they looked good or that their immune system work better. Moreover, it seems that testosterone levels did not matter. Instead, it was found that there are links between fat and level of attraction show by a male, testosterone levels and the immune system status. The most attractive men were defined as those with a body fat level of about 12 percent.

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Source: Business Insider

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