radioactive smart bomb new weapon can eliminate hiv virus


Published on December 8th, 2013


“Radioactive Smart Bomb”, a new weapon that can eliminate HIV virus!

A form of radiation, like that which is used to treat cancer, has the ability to eliminate HIV from the body, stimulating classical antiretroviral treatment effectiveness.

For several years, doctors treated patients infected with HIV with antiretroviral drugs, but their side effects can sometimes be less beneficial.

Some researchers in New York wanted to know if using stronger doses of radiation - “Radioactive Smart Bomb” - may have a higher efficiency, and the results are encouraging.

They found that patients receiving a combination of antiretroviral drugs and radiotherapy received a higher efficiency of treatment, and HIV, the virus that triggers AIDS could not be detected in the body.

Ekaterina Dadachova , doctor of medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York , invented this innovative technology, which uses radio-immunotherapy to destroys white blood cells infected with HIV.

However, the radioactive antibodies where able to destroy significantly more than cells infected with HIV in the brain, at the same time causing less damage to the delicate brain systems.

Antiretroviral treatment penetrates the blood brain barrier and partly for this reason, even if a patient is cured of HIV in systemically, the virus is still able to hide in the brain, causing cognitive disorders and mental decline. Our study showed radio-immunotherapy that is able to kill HIV-infected cells both at the systemic level, as well as in central nervous system“, said coordinator of the study.

After 30 years of fierce battle against this deadly and incurable virus, scientists believe they have finally found an effective way to truly destroy HIV.

Researchers have tested a modified version currently used against leukemia therapy on blood samples from 15 patients diagnosed with HIV and found that the new method could clean the infected cells.

These cells called “dormant” is the main reason why HIV can not be eradicated - the virus hides in the depths of the cells remain inactive until treatment is stopped, and then back into action.

The researchers tested the new technique in 15 patients receiving anti-HIV treatment.

The new process has destroyed infected cells circulating in the blood of patients and managed to enter in the brain - a performance that few drugs can.

“Elimination of HIV-infected cells using radioimmunotherapy was deep and specific”, said study coordinator. “Radionuclides that we used released radiation only on infected cells, without damaging surrounding cells”.

Cell with HV: Nearly nine million adults worldwide live with HIV receive antiretroviral therapy which keeps the virus from multiplying by killing the virus in the bloodstream, but it does not completely eliminate the HIV-infected cells

Human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS, has infected 35 million people worldwide and killed another 36 million people, according to UN statistics.

We currently have no cure for this disease, and experimental vaccines have limited effectiveness.

Drug treatment called antiretroviral therapy can keep the virus suppressed to a level so low that patients remain healthy and have a much lower risk of infecting others.

However, the virus appears to remain in certain areas of the body and, if the treatment is stopped, these cells begin to synthesize the new virus.

Reservoirs of latently infected cells remain in the body, preventing a permanent cure.

Patients seem to have healed completely is extremely rare.

Since the study was conducted only on blood samples and laboratory models, American researchers believe that the next step will be to verify the new technique in human clinical trials.

Earlier this week, the White House and the National Institutes of Health announced that it will fund the $ 100 million program designed to find new anti-HIV treatment.

Source: Daily Mail

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