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Published on January 2nd, 2014

What did the project “big data” discover in nature? (VIDEO)

2013 was the year in which the idea of “big data” has become really important.

Big data” refers to the collection of huge amounts of data of all types, and then analyze them to make new discoveries.

Many companies are turning to Big projects to get better business results, but this tool is powerful enough to do more than to help companies sell more products. It can even help change our world.

Such a bold project was recently announced by HP: Earth Insights. In this project, scientists have installed hidden cameras in all tropical forests on Earth. These camers have collected 1.4 million photographs to date. Earth Insights collects and analyzes these images and launches alerts by scientists when a species is threatened.

Researchers have already made interesting discoveries in this project: “The latest findings show that of the 275 monitored species, 60 of them, 22%, are either significantly decreasing or likely decreasing compared to baseline levels. Until now, scientists had to manually collect and analyze the data from tropical forests, often requiring weeks, months or even longer to analyze the information, making it difficult to identify new patterns and intervene to protect biodiversity. HP solutions analyze data 89 % faster”, said Meg Whitman, CEO.

For the project HP, used its Vertica software (HP bought Veritca for $350 million in 2011), and outfitted scientists with ElitePad Windows 8 tablets. The system is running on HP’s cloud.

More details about the Earth Insights in the video above that shows the effort of “big data”.

Source: Business Insider, HP

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