plasma thermogram new ingenious method detect cervical cancer


Published on January 12th, 2014


“Plasma Thermogram” - New Ingenious Method to Detect Cervical Cancer

A new test that uses heat during the examination of blood samples was created by American researchers to detect cervical cancer, reports

Called “plasma thermogram”, this new test examines blood proteins, including those that are produced by the tumor.

American researchers study published in the journal PLoS One, showed that the new test can detect cervical cancer and how the disease progresses.

The tests currently used to detect cervical cancer in a laboratory consists of looking for abnormal cells in a smear test and detecting high-risk viruses that can cause the disease.

The study by researchers at the University of Louisville in the United States used to analyze the plasma thermogram of the blood samples.

Blood samples react differently to heating, depending on the types of proteins found in the blood. These appear in the thermogram - resembling a fingerprint - of the protein content.

“We have been able to demonstrate a more convenient, less intrusive test for detecting and staging cervical cancer”, said the lead researcher Dr Nichola Garbett.

The new method was tested on 67 women diagnosed at different stages of cervical cancer because doctors wanted to see if they could find a number of differences between these patients and healthy individuals.

The authors say that their test, which is much less invasive, may be used in the future to determine which cancers should be treated and which ones should only be monitored.

Source: BBC NewsUniversity of Louisville

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