picture of baby in the womb is no longer enough a japanese company made ​​plastic 3 d models of unborn children


Published on November 29th, 2012


Picture of baby in the womb is no longer enough? A Japanese company made ​​plastic 3-D models of unborn children

Some you can impress in a bad way, but others are excited: FASOTEC’s invention allows using a 3-D printer, a anatomically accurate replica  of a human fetus, replica that parents can carry with them, they can share with their friends and they can keep it as a souvenir.

Synthetic resin replica is made by a three-dimensional printer, based on a model obtained from MRI scans of the body of the mother. Another important thing to mention is that the most appropriate period for scanning is the ninth or eighth month of pregnancy.

The resulting object (“Shape of an Angel“, it is the trade name of product) and it costs 100,000 yen (about 945 Euro). The company offers parents a miniature version of the model, which can be used as a key-chain.

The company offers and cheaper alternatives, such as a 3-D model of the fetal face (at the price of 50,000 yen - approx. 472 Euro), based on images obtained by ultrasound at a clinic in Tokyo that the company has entered into an agreement this.

But unborn children replicas can be useful to doctors, say company representatives because it could help provide some help when facing difficulties that might arise during birth.

FASOTEC company uses a printing technique in layers to create three-dimensional structures. The company manufactures and other objects, such as 3-D models of internal organs, imitating not only form but also their consistency. Replicas may also be used by physicians to prepare a surgical intervention or as models for teaching medical students, also may be employed in hospitals to explain to patients what problems instead to use for this purpose plates with drawings, harder to understand.

Source: Mail Online

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picture of baby in the womb is no longer enough a japanese company made ​​plastic 3 d models of unborn children 1

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