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Published on May 14th, 2014


Why do people get more attractive when you’re drunk?

Even if we where talking long time ago about the fact that when we consume alcohol we consider more attractive the opposite sex, until now scientists were not sure if this phenomenon is real.

Therefore, they did an experiment in the laboratory. The volunteers were asked to look at pictures of men, women and landscapes before and after consuming alcohol.

In fact, the subjects were divided into two groups: some were drinking alcohol and others a placebo drink without alcohol.

Finally, researchers at the University of Bristol’s Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group (TARG) have found that people who consumed alcohol considered the images more appealing than volunteers in the placebo group.

The perception was different for all the images - 20 photos women, 20 landscapes and 20 with men.

Attractiveness ratings were higher for all three image types among the alcohol group compared to the placebo group. The study leaders said this confirmed the beer goggle hypothesis, which claims people become more attractive to the opposite sex after a few drinks, and less so when they’re sober again.

Their conclusion confirms the idea that when you drink alcohol you consider those around you more attractive.

Subsequently, researchers have conducted another experiment in a bar for four consecutive nights, observing the same difference of perception.

The study contradicts previous research that alcohol blocks the brain region that is responsible for impulses.

In fact, this area remains active even in the case of alcohol abuse, so the effect is related to reproductive instincts, not necessarily with the level attraction, say experts.

Source: Daily Mail

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