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Published on September 30th, 2013


The most painful sting in the world: Paraponera Clavata

Meet Paraponera Clavata, the most painful insect sting in the world. It is also called Bullet Ant, and that’s because its bite is equivalent to a hunting bullet that pierces your body. Said everyone who had the terrible misfortune to be bitten by this South American insect.

Clavata Paraponera is no more than 18-25 mm long but venom is so powerful that produce excruciating pain that can last over 24 hours. Even his bite is so severe if the small insect grabs a rock or an object that it can not pierce, the force in its jaws discards with a rebound effect.
Although it may seem that all animal-shy, bullet ant has become over time a true test of manhood subject to Amazonian tribes. Becoming a man in a tribal society as it is Seter-Mawe, involves a ritual that many would be horrified. 400  ants are fixed on palm leaf gloves, mittens which are then placed on the hands of young inexperienced. It is bound to endure atrocious tortures for ten minutes, during which his hands are turning black and become rigid objects. And if this test of manhood seems violent, each participant must repeat the ritual experience of no less than 20 times. Sometimes initiation ritual may last even several years after the healing period for the terrible insect bites ranging from one person to another.

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