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Published on May 20th, 2014


oPhone: The phone that brings scent to mobile messaging

A new device, OPhone, allows sending and receiving SMS odors will be marketed from 2015 and has significant potential, consider the developer, David Edwards, professor of medical bioengineering at Harvard University in the United States.

There is a great interest from companies in Silicon Valley, because it has the ability to change global communication today“, said David Edwards in his lab, Vapor Communications, opened in 2007 in Paris, which is intended to reconcile art and science.

A cylindrical device that sits on a platform, OPhone is a small device that generates signals consisting of complex aromatic vapor emissions in a rapid succession, as a standard telephone transmits audio information.

The device works thanks to technological manipulation of particles in a manner similar to medical aerosols technology that allowed the philanthropist, writer and inventor David Edwards to make a fortune in the late 1990s.

To exploit this idea, which came during one of the courses they support at Harvard University, he founded the company Vapor Communications.

For now it is exclusive to iPhone users via a free application, oSnap, which can be downloaded as of June 17, OPhone has for now 32 original scents.

To create their own smell, the user can combine one to eight odors of those available, which is already 300,000 possible combinations.

oPhone, the DUO, with two independent receivers to deliver over 300,000 unique aroma combinations stereo-aromatically.

The range of flavors in the real world is very wide, so choices of fragrance had to be made to start the experiment.

“We focused on two areas, the coffee, for which I worked in collaboration with the founders of Cafe Coutume in Paris, and, more broadly, that of food”, says the creator of the invention.

Once the system is operational, the user can, for example, during a walk in the woods to take a photo, which will then add one or more odors as olfactory ambiance of the surrounding.

oPhone’s team of creators working to bring olfactory wonder to mobile messaging

The user will then send a oNote file through SMS, to a friend, who will first view the website dedicated to the composition of the invention, and then if he has an iPhone, it will download to his OPhone the smell itself.

The smell itself will be replicated with cartridges inside the device, known as oChips.

The public will have the opportunity to visit the laboratory of David Edwards from 19 until June 31 for a demonstration of this device. In parallel, the campaign will run at the money funding website Indiegogo from June 17 until July 31.

Contributors will be able to benefit from this product previewed at a preferential price of 149 euro, unlike the price of 199 Euros, after the device’s official launch.

Source: oNotes

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