massacre of the deep 100 million sharks are killed annually


Published on March 6th, 2013


Massacre of the deep: 100 million sharks are killed annually

As if it were not enough that sharks reproduce slowly and are often caught in fishing nets, now the sharks are hunted extensively for fins and meat. Recently, researchers have created the first global estimate of the carnage.

Combining information provided by fisheries organizations and literature, scientists have concluded that in 2010, 97 million sharks were killed. Moreover, experts estimate that are hunted annually between 63 million and 273 million sharks.

Although in some regions, including the European Union and the state is prohibited from marketing components shark fins and meat of these animals is in great demand worldwide.

Statistics points out that currently, the number of victims is far beyond that of the birth of sharks, a phenomenon threatening special requirements.

The only way to save sharks would be five of the most important species to monitor and protected under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

We are now predators. people started a relentless attack of sharks whose number decreases ever more“, said Elizabeth Wilson.

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Shark Finning is the slicing off of the shark fin and getting rid of the body of the fish. With the growing demand of shark fin soup in inn and restaurants, this business prosper. Chef Gordon Ramsay makes an effort to stop customer from eating the expensive soup by explaining them the brutal process and the harm it is causing on the shark population.

Shark fin soup used to be an emperor’s dish. However with the anticipated rise in wealth throughout China, the over-priced soup is now accessible to the fast growing Chinese middle-class. Fin is the main part of shark fin soup recipe which are dried out, piled, and offered for sale at shark fin inn or various fine dining. The buyers draw out the collagen fibers, wash them, and then cook them. This soup doesn’t have flavor and virtually no nutritional value. This high-priced dish offered only for high regard occasions. Each bowl sell for about US$50.00 upto US$400.00

Source: The Guardian

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