Innovation that that lets you talk to 3D hologram of your loved ones

Innovation that that lets you talk to 3D hologram of your loved ones 1

Telephone conversations with friends and family members could gain another dimension in the next five years, the expected launch of the hologram phone, informs

The appearance of Princess Leia in the form an hologram of a successful films series “Star Wars” in 1977 , was regarded as science fiction, but four decades later, the phone hologram could become a reality and any person could have it. This device will allow users to view a 3D image of the person speaking.

Star Wars was famed for scenes like this where Ki Adi Mundi appears virtually for a Jedi meeting

Technology is the initiative of the Polish company Leia Display Systems, named after the heroine of the movie “Star Wars”.

A working model of the phone with 3D hologram could be ready by next year, given the fact that they were successful in creating interactive 3D holograms devices.

To call in 3D, a person will stand before a room specially adapted for this type of call, which will have two lens and microphone. The two lenses create images that are combined to create a 3D version and then transmitted over the Internet.

A device, will receive the image, and will be represented by means of a laser projector on to a ‘screen’ of water vapor, which gives the image its third dimension.

Using a camera with two lenses and a tablets, your image is blended into one and beamed onto a screen

The hologram will speak, move and listen in real time.

The company believes that the invention could be launched on the market in about five years.

“Our holograms will take video call to another level”, said Marcin Panek, executive director of the company Leia Display Systems. “It will be as if loved ones, friends and family sit in front of you while you talk to them from across the world. Currently, our holograms are created using devices that are 1.80 meters high, but the projector comes in smaller versions which can be placed on a coffee table in the living room”, added Marcin Panek.

Panek said that the first systems will cost thousands of pounds, but like any technological advance, the price will drop when they become common devices.

Also, Marcin Panek said that in the next ten years, people will be able to watch football matches with holograms.

Source: Daily Mail

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