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Published on November 20th, 2012


Incredible: The tallest building in the World - Sky City

Chinese engineers announced that building Sky City will start in March of 2013, the highest skyscraper in the world. Giant structure will have a height of 838 meters, including 220 storeys, but not only impress by its size, but also by the speed at which it will be accomplished. Chinese officials announced that the building will be built in Changsha, near the Xiangjiang River in just 90 days.

The company that will build the skyscraper, Broad Sustainable Building (BSB), announces that it will be able to build 5 floors per day. The company announced that the project was conceived by professionals who have worked in the past in the building that currently holds the record for height, Burj Khalifa.

MSM did not first of its kind. Last year, the company has managed to build a 30-storey hotel in just 15 days:

Once you get the final approval from the Chinese authorities, the company BSB intends to start work on building foundation at the end of this month.

The secret of this construction is ultra-fast using prefabricated modular designed with technology developed by Broad Sustainable Building.

The company has perfected this model last year, which is why the company Broad Group Vice President, Juliet Jiang said publicly that “we will, as we planned to build five stories a day”.

Sky City will reach a height of 838 meters to the 829 meters of the Burj Khalifa (tall tower including the top). To achieve Sky City will use 220,000 tons of steel.

Unlike the Burj Khalifa, Sky City will be used mostly for housing. Structure will accommodate 31,400 people “of income communities large and small”. The residential area will occupy 83% of the building, while the rest will include offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants and shops. People will be able to move through the building with the 104 high speed elevators.

Builders Sky City says that gigantic structure has another important difference Burj Khalifa: if the realization of the Dubai tower cost $ 15,000 per square meter, Sky City will cost $ 1,500 per square meter. The cost difference is due to the use of prefabricated materials.

Sky City is designed to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 and a “fire that lasts up to three hours”. Also, the building will be highly energy efficient.

It remains to be seen whether Chinese manufacturer promises can be carried out. If they will manage everything they have proposed in March 2013 a new building will hold the record for the tallest structure on earth: Sky City.

Source: Gizmodo, ConstructionWeekOnline

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