horizons probably the best timelapse so far video

Nature "Horizons", probably the best timelapse so far (VIDEO)

Published on June 12th, 2013


“Horizons”, probably the best timelapse so far (VIDEO)

In recent years we have had countless timeplase sites that captures the sky and weather phenomena. Recently, Randy Halverson, a photographer known for his work that captures the Milky Way, has created one of the best timelapse before, one during which it is impossible to get bored.

His new timelapse called “Horizons” and has a length of 31 minutes. It can be purchased on-site full author DakotaLapse. To convince you of its beauty, Halverson has launched the 4-minute teaser which you can see below.

Soundtrack of the entire video clip is created by Simon Wilkinson, but the teaser song belongs to Bear McCreary, who wrote soundtracks for The Walking Dead, Eureka, Defiance, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Europe Report.

This time, timelapse captures not only the sky, but it integrates it into gorgeous landscapes and fields of flowers, lawns, etc..

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