google reveals how it will transform the world google glass video

Google reveals how it will transform the world: Google Glass (VIDEO)

Google has released a new video depicting the company’s latest invention - Google Glass, a wearable headset that gives a fresh look at the world.

Google Glass announced the project last year, and clip revealed this week offers new details about the functionality of this futuristic device. Google Glass allows users to receive and execute instructions on “screen” (which is designed in the right side of the right eye) to send messages and use the Internet using voice commands. Also, the video suggests that the device will allow users to access services on-screen translation.

Google estimates that the product will be launched in 2014, but it is already available for those who want to develop applications for Glass. The price is pretty steep: $ 1,500. Also, currently only persons residing in the United States may order this product. Even if you are willing to pay $ 1,500 for Glass and live in the U.S., the process by which you can get Glass is simple: applicants must apply on the Google Glass site, and after February 27, the American company will send limited invitations to purchase a limited number of glasses.

“Clearly, they are still the early days of this device, so we welcome and obstacles. But what is really cool is that we are approaching the time where people will be able to take with them into the world and discover Glass possibilities they have with such a device”, said a Google spokesman.

Even if Glass is not yet publicly available, that we stop to admire one of the devices that promise to transform the way we interact with the environment in future years:

Source: The Verge

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