google finance drones to hunt rhino poachers in africa video


Published on December 9th, 2012


Google finance drones to “hunt” rhino poachers in Africa (VIDEO)

Organization World Wildlife Fund (WWF) won a scholarship worth $ 5 million from Google, the Global Impact Awards program, which provides financial support to organizations American company using innovative methods to solve the most difficult challenges for humanity .

WWF will use Google‘s money to expand a program in which anti-poaching experts use drones to identify and track criminals who illegally hunt endangered species around the world.

Lee Poston, spokesman for WWF does not use the word “drone” to describe these vehicles because it wants the world to confound the unmanned aircraft used by the U.S. military to attack terrorists. Poston says it’s “sophisticated devices controlled by radio waves similar to those used by fans which can be controlled from the iPad and other devices”. However, on the WWF website these vehicles are called “drones” for conservation.

Even before obtaining the grant from Google, organization WWF has used the drones in national parks in Nepal. These flying vehicles are light enough to be launched by hand, having the ability to fly at speeds up to 30 km / h to a maximum altitude of 200 meters, with a range of about an hour. Rooms are equipped with these drones allow rangers on the ground to identify potential poachers, especially in places that are hard to reach.

Funding provided by Google will allow WWF to expand this program in Asia and Africa to protect rhinos, elephants and tigers hunted by poachers. Also, the scholarship will be used to improve animal labeling technologies and specialized sensors.

“This grant will have a significant impact. Poachers, as organized groups that finance them, are becoming increasingly sophisticated, so the time has come for us to become more sophisticated as the struggle to regain equal”, commented Jan. Morrison, spokesman for WWF.

Here’s how WWF uses the drones :

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