genopolitics how genes influence our political thinking

Genetics Genopolitics: How genes influence our political thinking?

Published on December 10th, 2012


Genopolitics: How genes influence our political thinking?

There is increasingly more evidence to suggest that genetics plays a subtle but important in influencing political vision of a person. New research reveals that our propensity toward liberal or conservative doctrine can be predicted by analyzing genes, a phenomenon called Genopolitics.

Although we do not have a certain gene “political options” inherited from the parents, it seems that genes are able to influence some of our brain which further helps us to develop our political views.

Experts say that the amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for emotional learning has an important role in influencing political beliefs. The results of two different studies, one British and one American have indicated this.

U.S. study showed that volunteers analyze that sweat more when they heard noises suddenly were more likely to agree with the death penalty and the war in Iraq. This suggests a link between some conservative beliefs and a strong emotional response.

In the British study found that conservatives tonsils are larger than those of liberals, a finding which suggests that emotions play a greater role in conservatism.

It is essential to realize that political choices depend on many factors. It is likely that many other genetic factors or may not have been discovered so far, but we can not say with certainty that genes have the power to dictate a bias towards a particular party. Instead, these studies points out that there is a relationship between some genetic traits and emotional response, a phenomenon that may play a role in the political choices of the individual. Therefore, even if genes do not directly influence political beliefs, it seems that they have an effect on how people form their political judgment.

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