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Published on December 12th, 2013

The first private flight to Mars! 200,000 registered already! (VIDEO)

Dutch company Mars One, organizer of the first private flight to Mars, which already enrolled more than 200,000 volunteers, has provided details about the first phase of the mission, which will include the launch of a satellite and a capsule will descend on the red planet over four years.

Mars One, a non- profit company, announced Tuesday that it has hired Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Surrey Satellite Technology to build a satellite and a capsule it intends to launch in four years.

This robotic mission to Mars will be launched in January 2018, two years later than originally scheduled, announced Bas Lansdorp, founder of Mars One.

The contract with Lockheed Martin to build a capsule that will land on Mars – like the Phoenix capsule created by NASA in 2007 – was signed for the amount of $ 250,000, according to CBS News.

Mars One company Surrey Satellite paid about $ 60,000 to create the first “geostationary” satellite on the red planet, which will be released on the same flight inaugural.

To help finance this project, Mars One has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo platform. The project has collected $ 10,000 in the first hour of his appearance on the platform, and on Wednesday morning, the amount reached $ 27,000 .

A police man, a parent with their children studying at home and a stand-up comedy actor are among the 200,000 volunteers worldwide who have joined the dutch company’s website to become the first settlers on Mars.

Volunteers, whose number will be reduced to 40, before being included in an intensive training program, revealed the items you would take in their suitcases if they are selected.

An applicant from Australia said that he would take with him his favorite instrument, the ukulele, which he named “Amanda” and a volunteer in the United States said it would take him a plush toy, very fluffy, representing a mongoose.

By 2015 , selected candidates will begin a training regimen for eight years, during which they will learn techniques to help them withstand long periods of isolation.

Most applicants for the trip to Mars from the United States. The following top countries with the most numerous applicants were occupied by China and India.

For this project of $ 4 billion, set in 2010 by engineer Bas Lansdorp, Mars One wants to recoup their investment by selling out the broadcasting rights of this space mission.

The participants agreed to stay on Mars by the end of their lives and be filmed for a reality show modeled after the TV show “Big Brother”.

The Dutch company wants to launch the first module of supplies that will descend on Mars as early as October 2016. A “rover setup” will arrive on Mars in 2018. This rover will have the task of choosing the best place on Mars that will lower future modules.

In 2021, all components of future human colonies will reach its destination in six separate modules - two modules for living, two units with facilities for maintaining life, a second unit with supplies and a second rover.

Dutch representatives say that these capsules will be tested eight times before being used to transport people - a method which executives at Mars One say it will make the trip to Mars “much safer than missions to the moon”.

The second phase of the mission will include interviews with members of the board of the company Mars One, and candidates who will advance to the third round will compete among themselves.

Stage three will include a series of tests and tests designed to train volunteers for the mission. They will be transmitted on television and the internet.

Dutch group says it aims to develop the first human colony on Mars over more than a decade.

The journey to Mars, which is at a distance of 64.3 million kilometers from Earth, depending on the position in orbit takes about 200 days.

Mission budget of $ 4 billion is more than the sum of 1.8 billion dollars spent by the NASA rover Curiosity, the most advanced robot sent from Earth to Mars.

Mars One wants to finance the project through a reality TV show in which the 24 participants will be chosen and will present their preparation.

Viewers will vote and elect the first team, made ​​up of four volunteers who will take off from Earth after 10 years. Until 2033, the human colony on Mars will include 20 volunteers .

Source: CBS News, Mars One Crowdfunding Campaign 2018 Mars Mission

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