fascinating nerves body normally sound like audio

Published on March 10th, 2014

Fascinating: How the nerves in our body normally sound like? (AUDIO)

A new exhibition organized by the Science Museum in London reveals how nerves in our body sounds like: when it is in a normal state, they emit similar sounds of a creaking ship, but when a seizure is present they enter into a state of tension and the noise is like an alarm.

Those visiting the exhibition Mind Maps: Stories from Psychology can hear the sound of nerves when acting normally:

During a crisis, such as an epileptic seizure, nerve sound changes dramatically:

When all is well, the pace is slow and steady. However, the cataclysmic effects of a “pulse storm” are easy to hear.

“Trying to decipher the mysteries of the mind preoccupied scientists for centuries and continues to price concern us today, when mental well-being continues to be a pressing issue in society. This exhibition shows how far we have progressed in terms of understanding the human mind and how treatments evolved for mental problems over the last three centuries”, said Phil Loring, curator at the Science Museum.

The exhibition is free to all who visit the Science Museum in London until June 10.

Source: The Telegraph

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