The Detox Disillusion: Essential things that you need to know

The Detox Disillusion: Essential things that you need to know 1

Detox products are not only very expensive but can be extremely harmful to your health, says a renowned professor of biochemistry and pharmacology in the UK.

Detox products industry has evolved dramatically in recent years and has launched a series of products with alleged effects of cleansing the body and eliminate toxins, says Alan Boobis, a professor of biochemistry and pharmacology at Imperial College London.

Million people are affected by the accelerated pace of modern life and have been “seduced” by these urban myths, says British researcher.

But these detox products are at best ” money down the drain ” and, in the worst case, can cause various diseases and disorders. They are also unnecessary, says.

The nature [sic] has endowed the human body, during its evolution, with a very effective detoxifying internal system: the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. Daily, these three organs dissolve and remove harmful substances from the body – some of them are coming from the environment, others are by-products of chemical processes in the body. Then we are protected by a very effective barrier that lies between us and the environment: our skin. Together, they form a detoxification system that is robust, sophisticated and versatile enough to eliminate the usual concentrations of impurities that manage get into the body“,

Alan Boobis

However, advertising and media companies send people to a constant urge to detoxify a number of substances such as caffeine and alcohol, claiming that they attack the body, and the body is defenseless against them. Researcher Alan Boobis, along with other internationally renowned scientists have analyzed a number of medical claims recommended in the “detox plans”. The results of this study were published this week in Making Sense of Chemicals.

Below are some of the myths dismantled by Professor Boobis regarding the most popular detoxification therapies:

Patches for feet – their creators claim that they contain natural crystal molecules called Tourmaline and vinegar, to detoxify the body.

Professor Boobis says: The soles of the feet have the thickest skin so are the least likely place from which to extract toxins from the body – if extracting toxins in this way was possible. It is simply fanciful, regardless of what these products contain, to suggest otherwise – not only is the skin too thick but the pads cover too tiny an area.

Lemon Maple Syrup – A drink made ​​of this natural syrup mixed with lemon juice, water, and a little pepper would have presumed qualities of dissolving mucus and toxins, but also a stimulant, speeding metabolism, helping it to cleanse and eliminate toxins.

Professor Boobis says: There’s nothing special in the syrup and lemon that you couldn’t get in a balanced diet and they will have no detoxifying effect. The cayenne may make you feel hot and sweaty.

Epsom salt bath – its manufacturers claim that this salt stimulates the lymphatic system, increasing the blood and oxygen flow in the body.

The Detox Disillusion: Essential things that you need to know 2
Relaxing: But a bath in Epsom salts is not detoxing

Professor Boobis says: A hot and relaxing bath can lower blood pressure and vapor inhalation can have a relaxing effect. But there is no detoxifying effect.

Tablets Detox – their manufacturers claim that these pills contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants – including beta-carotene and N-acteylcysteine ​​- which supports the process of naturally removing toxins from the body.

Professor Boobis says: This wouldn’t have any impact at all. N-acteylcysteine would not be needed in a normal diet, which already contains similar substances.

The Detox Disillusion: Essential things that you need to know 3
Added antioxidants are no use to those already on a balanced diet and, at very high levels, beta carotene has been linked to cancer.

Detox Socks – their producers say they absorb lymph fluid, toxins and other impurities.

Professor Boobis says: Even if socks could help remove toxins – no plausible theory – they cover only a small portion of the total area of the skin. And lymph fluid rarely stagnates.

Body Wrap – It assumes that they would remove toxins from the body and provide essential vitamins and minerals for the skin.

Professor Boobis says: Sweating is a natural process and that’s what the wraps may make you do. But perspiration is not a major route for removing harmful substances, so sweating more will have no effect. This wouldn’t make any difference.

Nettle Root Extract – It is believed that this natural extract cleanses and detoxifies the body.

Professor Boobis says: I do not see how a nettle root extract may have an impact on the body in the elimination of toxins. This mechanism simply makes no sense.

Foot spa – inventors of this method say that the product called “Energizing Cartridge” creates a flow of electrons and a bioenergetic field in a warm saltwater bath to rebalance and harmonize health, sending signals to stimulate the lymphatic glands detoxification process.

Professor Boobis says: The skin – especially on the feet – is the least effective place to draw anything from the body. If you could penetrate it to ‘send signals’ to the interior of the body, the effects would be catastrophic, because it would mean we could seriously alter the function of the body by signals through the skin. This would result in a total imbalance of the body’s normal functions.

Source: Daily Mail

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