10 Most Beautiful Mountains in the World (Photo Gallery)
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10 Most Beautiful Mountains in the World (Photo Gallery)

Just what are the most beautiful mountains in the world? Our planet is scattered with spectacular mountains – some worldwide known, others obscure, but all beautiful in their own way. Specialists from the travel publication “Wild Junket Magazine” have compiled a Top 10 of the most beautiful mountains on Earth. “Whether you’re a photographer, geologist,…

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Unique project in China: ‘farmscrapers’ that will produce food for all their people (PHOTO)

Vincent Callebaut Architects, a French company created a solution for achieving sustainable buildings for the Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen. The result Shenzhen Asian project called Cairn Farmscraper, an initiative that proposes the construction of six towers with a stacked stone look one on top of another.  Besides the ‘farmscrapers’ amazing design, the buildings will provide space…