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Published on February 6th, 2014


‘Couplie’ is the next trend after the 2013 word of the year ‘Selfie’

Forget the old Selfie! Now a new trend has appeared on social networks. It is “Couplie”, ie the user profile photos appear alongside girlfriend or boyfriend. Sometimes in the picture may appear two friends.

Hashtag #Couplie has existed since November 2013 , but has since grown to over 140 %, after the singer Kylie Minogue has used this kind of picture on Instagram, writes Daily Mail.

As the old Selfie, couple pictures are made ​​by one of the two subjects, not someone else.

Kourtney Kardashian, pictured front, and Scott Disick, back, posted this couplie to Instagram last year. According to personalised gift card firm, One4all, 60 per cent of all uploads over the Christmas period featured couplie-style photos

There are other profile pictures like Belfie, which stands for ‘bottom selfie’, is a photo taken deliberately a person’s, while healthieselfies are selfies taken while exercising.

Even if young people seem excited about these styles of picture, professional photographer David Bailey, aged 76, admitted he does not understand the fashion and everything looks crazy. Referring to the Selfie, he said that in a few months this style of photos will disappear, because it is “senseless”.

Source: Daily Mail

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