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Records Which country has the highest tea consumption per capita?

Published on January 24th, 2014


Which country has the highest tea consumption per capita?

Turkey, Ireland and the United Kingdom occupy the top three positions in the top countries with the highest tea consumption per capita, annual ranking, informs

Although China is by far the largest consumer of tea over 725,747.792 tons per year, Turkey ranks first in terms of quantity consumed per capita, with 3,157 kg/person/year.

The top three are Ireland, with 2,191 pounds of tea consumed annually per capita, and the UK, with 1.941 kg per person/year.

The top 10 is completed, in order, Russia (1,383 kg /person /year), Morocco ( 1.216 kg/person/year), New Zealand (1.192 kg/person/year), Egypt (1.012 kg/person/year), Poland (1 kilogram/​​person/year), Japan (967 grams/person/year) and Saudi Arabia (900 grams/person/year).

However, in Romania , tea consumption is quite small (70 grams/person/year), which positions it 45th among tea consumers in the world, of a total of 54 states.


Source:  Quartz

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