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Science How can you get electricity out of fruit? (Photo)

Published on May 26th, 2014


How can you get electricity out of fruit? (Photo)

Inspired by an experiment at school, a photographer from Bangor, Maine, has developed a new project called “Back to Light“. He put electrodes inside of the fruit in order to make self-powered lights that light up his photographs.

He writes on his website: “To understand the world and to profit from it one must interact with it, one must experiment”.

“My practice as an artist combines a scientific curiosity with a constructive approach to making pictures”.

“I utilise everyday objects and fundamental forces to illustrate experiences of wonder”.

Caleb Charland transformed real fruit into electrochemical cells, arranging them artistically and shoots them using a long exposure.

Juice to make juice: Caleb Charland uses nails hidden inside the fruit, such as limes (pictured) which are connected with copper to make batteries, inspired by the potato classroom experiment

Through this project, he wants to show the potential of alternative energy, which is the simplest solution to protect the planet and also provide the energy people need.

Beacon of hope: The artist transforms the fruit into electrochemical cells, which he arranges artistically before taking long-exposure photographs of his work in a bid to highlight the potential of sustainable energy.

The light produced is sufficient to provide pictures that are made in a dark room.

The experiment is simple and inspired by those made by students at the school, with potatoes in physics classes. A galvanized nail is introduced in a part of the fruit, and on the other side a copper wire, thereby generating an electric current, but a rather weak one.

Shining example: A small electrical current is generated by inserting a galvanized nail into one side of the fruit and a copper wire in the other side. These apples have been connected to make a circuit capable of powering a small light

Illuminating: The fruit itself provides enough light to illuminate the photographs, which are all taken in the dark. At first glance, this arrangement looks a little like the solar system

Caleb uses different fruits for this project: orange, lime or apple.

Source: Daily Mail

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