australian scientists found the diet that fights asthma video

Published on June 20th, 2015

Australian scientists found the diet that fights Asthma – VIDEO

Australian researchers specializing in respiratory diseases are investigating a theory that a diet rich in fiber can help those suffering from asthma, reports Xinhua news agency.

They believe such a diet can reduce airway inflammation in people with this disease, which causes suffering periods in which they can barely breathe.

Lisa Wood, Katherine Baines, Gibson Bronwyn Peter Berthon and professors at the University of Newcastle, believes that simply eating more dietary fiber can help control symptoms. To investigate this theory they will conduct a clinical trial.

“When you have asthma, what you eat is important,” said Lisa Wood. “Some foods can be harmful for those suffering from asthma, such as fast food that are high in saturated fat, while others such as fruits and vegetables are beneficial.”

“We know from other studies that we’ve done that people with asthma do not eat enough fiber and more fiber in the diet are linked to better lung function and fewer respiratory tract inflammation,” she explained.

Patients in this study will receive a fiber supplement in powder form.

“When we eat soluble fiber, healthy bacteria in the gut break, thus creating fibers that travel in the blood compounds and positive effects throughout the body,” she also said.

“So far there is no complete cure for asthma, the more we learn about the effects of diet on the disease, the more people can be helped to control the disease.” said Lisa Wood.

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