apple is a religion anthropologist confirms


Published on November 28th, 2012


Apple is a religion, anthropologist confirms

Worldwide, there are plenty of organizations and denominations who claim to adhere to a certain set of beliefs, but is worshipping a technology company that is guided by certain values and beliefs may be a new kind of religion?

After reviewing a series of videos with fans reactions and after witnessing the launch iPad mini, Dr. Kirsten Bell, an anthropologist at the British Columbia believes that this could be if Apple. Based on his experience and religious studies, Bell believes that Apple itself has several “sacred” symbols and the logo.

Specialist argues that the more points of view, there is a similarity between this company and a cult or religion.

First, Bell explains, any cult is headed by a charismatic leader who begins to be worshiped, once the general principles that have linked the group to lose their influence. In many religions its essential to have such a leader to preach to the crowd. Pretty much that’s the thing with Apple and where each executive address the public in order to renew faith in the brand.

Second, religions involve a process that may include coercive persuasion. When Apple traditionally launches products that are transmitted live (except the last media event, which was broadcast on the official website of the company). “Like many sacred ceremonies,  Apple launched products are broadcast live. Only scholars (or in this case, journalists) are witnesses, passing on information about the miracle that they saw”, said Bell.

Finally, the third aspect concerns raised by anthropologist economic exploitation, sexual or other members of the leadership, found in many religions.

Scientology and other cults require members to bring economic contribution of the church. In this case, Apple is as a company that decided to adopt an iron fist to tax members into a must buy direction. What is the difference? Apple is a business, the company’s sole purpose is to make money by promising “followers” just top technology and nothing more.

Source: ZDNet

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