animal look can live even 1400 years


Published on February 10th, 2014


How does the animal look that can live even 1,400 years?

In 1998, the biologist said that there is an invertebrate in the animal kingdom that is practically immortal, because he always regenerates cells. Now, after another study, biologists argue that the freshwater Hydra is not immortal, but can live even 1,400 years.

The species Hydra magnipapillata, which is a freshwater invertebrate animal, is a mystery to biologists.

The bizarre creature does not comply with the natural cycle of birth, reproduction and death. The mortality of this species is very low.

Researchers have analyzed in the laboratory their metabolism and consider that 5% of the little animals will be alive even after 1,400 years.

Freshwater Hydra has a length aged between 5 and 15 mm. Depending on species, it may have between 4 to 12 tentacles, by the means of which it feeds and moves.

The species Hydra magnipapillata was one of a few dozen organisms included in a study of aging diversity. Whereas female fertility in humans spikes early, then tapers off, and mortality rises sharply as we age, plenty of organisms follow a different path.

It can reproduce, but also can regenerate their own cells, thus prolonging their life.

Like Some species of worms, if cut into pieces, each segment of the Hydra will turn into a adult.

The study results published in the journal Nature.

Source: Scientific American

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