an unknown civilization was discovered using google earth


Published on June 20th, 2015


An unknown civilization was discovered using Google Earth

Traces of an unknown civilization, dating back to last several hundred years, were discovered by an archaeological team in Amazonia, using Google Earth.

Over 200 circular and rectangular structures were discovered in the heart of the Amazon forest, after that territory was subjected to accelerated deforestation, performed to ensure the food needs of animal farms in the region. Their discovery was made near the border between Brazil and Bolivia.

With Google Earth, archaeologists found numerous trenches and pits, which have depths between 1 and 4 meters and widths between 11 and 12 meters. The researchers also found fragments of pottery, carved stones and other items proving the existence of human settlements in the region.

Although not all sites containing artifacts where discovered, scientists suggest that some of them had protocol functions, while others could be the remains of defensive structures. The age of these structures is between 750 and 1,800 years. Their shapes and geometric indicates a likely symbolic significance that was probably used for the sites celebration ceremonies.

According to archaeologists, some of the villages in the area had up to 5,000 inhabitants, a figure important that history and, especially, for the region itself, since the local population was forced to settle for food resources provided by forests, whereas the ocean is too far.

Some other structures are present in areas where trees have not been cut. Researchers hope to uncover more details in the coming years and, especially, identify the reason behind the disappearance of that civilization in the Amazon.

According to current theories, that civilization was the victim of diseases brought by European settlers 500 years ago.

Amazonia has become in recent years a huge “site”. Discovering hidden treasures in her basement caused a veritable flood of adventurers from all over the world. The soil and subsoil contain fabulous Amazonian riches, especially thousands of tons of precious minerals - iron, copper, manganese, bauxite and gold.

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