adding structures surface makes super waterproof

Published on May 24th, 2014

Adding structures to a surface makes it super waterproof

The researchers were able to obtain super-waterproof materials using a novel technique. Water does not penetrate the surface and bounces like a ball in contact with the materials.

So far, impermeability was obtained by coating with certain substances, but now experts in Utah have used another technique.

The method involves the addition of very small structures on the surface of common materials. Thus, any object can become perfect waterproof even airplanes or ships, say researchers.

As water droplets fall on to superhydrophobic surfaces, pictured, they spread out like a traditional drop would. But, unlike typical droplets, the structures built into the surface causes the water to come back together again until it forms a ball and lifts off the surface completely

The new technique was invented by Julie Crockett and Dan Maynes Brigham Young University, who states that the model was a lotus leaf where water is sitting on top of them.

Researchers in Utah have created a technique to make any surface super waterproof. Existing waterproofing involves spraying surfaces with a coating, but by adding tiny structures to the surface instead, droplets bounce, pictured, rather than roll off

Interestingly, when in contact with a material treated by the new method, the drop does not disperse like normal, the droplets bounce, pictured, rather than roll off.

Superhydrophobic surfaces can be created in a multitude of different ways. In the Brigham Young University lab, the team used rib and cavity structures, pictured left, or ones made of tiny posts, pictured right, that the water sits on top of like a ball

The researchers were able to obtain super-impermeable objects using different types of structures that were added to the surface.

Source: Daily Mail

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