8 Scientifically Proven Reasons Beautiful People have an Easy Life

8 Scientifically Proven Reasons Beautiful People have an Easy Life 1

Contrary to popular belief, beauty is not subjective because, in general, men and women agree on people who are attractive or not.

What makes some people seem more attractive?

Prominent cheekbones, full lips, and a thin chin are ideal traits if we talk about women. Men, however, seem to be perceived as more attractive if they have a strong jaw and wide chin.

According to several studies, these traits are reporting that people who have these traits are perceived as healthier and smarter.

Here are some advantages that science claims to have on beautiful people:

1. Beautiful people are perceived as healthier

Facial symmetry, which is considered a key element of beauty, can be interpreted as a sign of health. In one study, Australian scientists have modified pictures that featured the faces of young people, making them have symmetrical faces. In general, the symmetric version of each face — both male and female — received higher health ratings than the normal image.

The study concluded that individuals with asymmetric faces are perceived as less healthy.

2. Beautiful people are actually healthier

Although the link between facial symmetry and actual health is poor, it seems that individuals have distinct facial features that are perceived as less attractive and thus they are more prone to diseases, parasites and other health problems.

3. It’s easier for beautiful people to find mates

Men are seeking attractive women because a pleasant appearance indicates youth, health and more likely to have offsprings.

4. Beautiful people are more intelligent

Scientists at the University of New Mexico found that general intelligence is positively associated with body symmetry, a feature that serves as an indicator for more attractive qualities such as health or social dominance.

5. Beautiful people are more persuasive

People who look good can use this quality to capture their attention and persuade others. Attractive people are more persuasive because they possess or develop key personality traits (intelligence and strong social skills) to help them communicate more effectively. Also, scientists have found that, unlike unattractive speakers, attractive people speak more fluently.

6. Companies with good-looking executives have higher sales

In a study of nearly 300 advertisers, Dutch economists found that firms with more attractive managers had higher incomes. Overall productivity and resulting sales were greater in companies with more attractive managers, partly because firms with more attractive workers have a competitive advantage when client interactions are involved.

7. Beautiful people have an advantage in politics

According to a study conducted in Finland, beautiful people are advantaged even politically. A better individual beauty score was associated with an increase of 20% in the number of votes for the average non-incumbent parliamentary candidate.

8. Beautiful people are perceived as more pleasant and reliable

In general, it seems that we deal better with people more attractive. In a study by scientists at Harvard University scientists have discovered that makeup helps women to be more attractive and look more competent, more enjoyable and reliable.

Source: Business Insider

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