7 simple tricks that will make you look smarter

Culture Seven simple tricks that will make you look smarter

Published on May 23rd, 2015


7 simple tricks that will make you look smarter

You don’t have to be smart to give the impression that you are. At least this shows the scientific research of the past decade. It’s all about sending the right signals.


1. Do not hold a beer

People tend to do stupid things when drinking alcohol. A study by the University of Michigan and Pennsylvania showed that the simple gesture of holding a beer in your hand makes you look less intelligent.

2. Walk at the same speed as everyone else

“People use speed of movement to infer the presence of mind of others”, according to a study conducted by Cary Morewedge from Boston University. In short, if you go faster or slower than those around you, they will think your stupid.

3. Put on thick glasses

Research shows that if you wear glasses are less attractive, but more intelligent. Furthermore, the design of glasses is also important. Thick, blocky frames will give you a more intelligent feel.

4. Use charts

People are more likely to believe a theory if it is exposed in a “scientific”, ie if it is accompanied, for example, graphs, it appears from a survey of 2014 scientists from Cornell.

5. Speak expressively

“Expressive speech, with few pauses and cadences that can be observed, increase credibility and enhances the impression of intelligence,” writes Leonard Mlodinow, author of “Subliminal: How do you control the unconscious behavior.”

6. Look people in the eyes

Looking into someones eyes during a conversation will make you look smarter, concludes a research conducted by Nora Murphy, Loyola University Maryland. “Looking in the eye while talking was considered a key behavior,” she notes.

7. Dress smartly

Studies show that the clothes we wear “shapes” the perception of others about our capabilities. “The clothes we wear have power not only over others, and to yourself,” according to a study from the Northwestern University.

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