Why alcohol makes us believe some are more attractive than others?

Why alcohol makes us believe some are more attractive than others? 2

Beer goggles” phenomenon is used to explain how a few glasses of alcohol is sufficient to transform a person in Prince Charming, British researchers explained.

Why alcohol makes us believe some are more attractive than others? 3

According to Dr. Amanda Ellison, a researcher at the University of Durham, men and women do not see each other differently after consuming alcohol. “We continue to see them as others. Not imagine any physical transformation, but more desire“, explained the researcher.

Her new book, “Getting Your Head Around the Brain” explains that part of the brain which encourages us to continue to operate regardless mate how much alcohol we consume. “The area of ​​the brain that makes us want to continue to mate, which means that people can still estimate how attractive from a visual standpoint“, said Ellison.

However, alcohol consumption off the brain feeling that stops us to react to impulses.

When you do not consume alcohol, we tend to be more selective in the choice of partners. “In actions seeking partners constantly weigh information about personality and physical appearance“. Also, women are more selective when it comes to potential partners and that because of the risk of becoming pregnant. Until the 1970s, women were aware of the potential repercussions of an one night stand, but now, “it is better to use contraception and drink as much alcohol as you want” women are as open as men in terms of opportunity to have an affair.

What is even more interesting is that those who benefit most from sensation created by alcohol drinking is, just because liquor can be considered more attractive.

In a study published last year, people were allowed to believe they are under the influence of alcohol and were asked to make a speech and gave higher marks than those who were led to believe that they are under influence of alcohol. The results were the same regardless of the subjects they had alcohol in their blood. Researchers who conducted the study noted that “it is enough for the individual to believe that he consumed alcohol to be considered more attractive“.

Source: Time

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