The largest panoramic photo in the world: 320 gigapixel

The largest panoramic photo in the world: 320 gigapixel 1

360Cities the largest online collection of geo-referenced panoramic photos, scored a record in its portfolio: the largest panoramic photo in the world – a gigantic panorama of London taken from the BT Tower in central British capital.

BT (British Telecom) 360Cities selected to create the image to mark the official end of its involvement in the Olympic Games in London in 2012, with the most complete picture of London as it was in this remarkable city and Olympic year Paralympics.

Photo of 320 gigapixeli was created by founder Jeffrey Martin and his colleagues at 360Cities, Holger Schulze and Tom Mills. They worked for three days in November 2012, to achieve the 48,600 images taken from the 29th floor of the BT Tower.

Steve Hercher, 360Cities director, said: “We were honored to have been selected by BT to try to achieve this world record panoramic photo and make our contribution to commemorate our wonderful Olympic Games in London in 2012. There were so many unknowns and variables that had to take into account when planning this photo unprecedented actually first in its kind. I pushed the software and hardware to the limit and I had a hard time with rain, wind and other potential obstacles. Our team of photographers, composed of Jeffrey Martin, Tom Mills and Holger Schulze, made an amazing job and did not miss any of the over 48,000 planned staff. “ is the largest online collection of geo-referenced panoramic photos, very spectacular, created a network of thousands of photographers from around the world, experts in making panoramas. Through partnerships with Google Earth, Microsoft, Nokia Maps and Flipboard, content enjoys an international audience.

Names and numbers:

  •     Jeffrey Martin, Holger Schulze, Tom Mills: the team that made 360Cities panoramic photo of London
  •     42,000 £ – the cost of Canon equipment used to take the picture
  •     320 – number of the photo’s gigapixeli
  •     48,640 – number of individual images captured
  •     3 – number of days needed to capture individual images
  •     3 – number of months required for computer processing of images
  •     98 x 23 – they were photo dimensions in meters, if she removed the paper from the usual image resolution.
  •     29 – the floor of the BT Tower photo was taken
  •     32 – distance, in kilometers, by which you can see in all directions around London BT Tower in photography.

Here you can enjoy panoramic photo and “zoom-able” which allows viewing at a London beauty-with exceptional detail.

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