splendid timelapse northern lights fall beautiful ever video

Published on October 8th, 2013

A splendid timelapse: Northern Lights this fall, more beautiful than ever (VIDEO)

In recent days, the sun has stubbornly refused to come out of the bed of clouds, despite the fact that he is approaching the end of a 11-year magnetic cycle .

Although, compared to the end of his cycle in 2003 , now the sun is dormant and gives ” life signs “. Last week, for example, there was a coronal mass ejection, a storm of subatomic particles, directed right at us .


Our planet’s magnetic field acted like a net , catching particles and transporting them to the poles. When the particles hit the top of the atmosphere, the atoms and molecules there responded creating a glow, an aurora .

Astrophotographer Göran Strand was among the lucky ones who managed to capture the phenomenon in Östersund , Sweden. Thanks to this timelapse created by him we can now see this beautiful aurora .

Source: Slate

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