secret oldest woman world misao okawa 116 years old

Published on March 4th, 2014

The Secret of the oldest woman in the world. Misao Okawa 116 years old

Misao Okawa is officially the oldest person in the world. She will turn 116 years on March 5 and told the British newspaper The Telegraph the secret of her longevity.

Misao was born in 1898 in Osaka , Japan. The elderly woman says her secret lies in plenty of rest and eating healthy.

She said she always slept at least 8 hours per night, plus, occasionally, half on hour of “snoozing” for lunch. Rest and relaxation are essential, she believes.

She ate allot of sushi with cooked rice and wine sauce. Even now takes care to have a balanced diet and respects the three daily meals .

In the past 18 years, Misao has lived in a nursing home, and in June 2013 has been declared the oldest person in the world, after the death of Jireomon Kimura, who died at 116 years.

The fact that both holders of record are Japanese is not unexpected. In this country many people who live over 100 years. Currently, 282 Japanese have already reached 110 years, according to official data.

Misao Okawa pictured with her older sister, circa 1900

Misao got married in 1919 and fondly remembers the day of the wedding. The old woman has three children, two of whom are still alive and apparently they have inherited her longevity - 94, 92 years respectively. The oldest has four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

In Japan, the life expectancy for women is 85.9 years and for men 79.6 years.
The true explanation for this longevity phenomenon lies in the care that is granted to the elders in Japan.

They receive good medical care, are encouraged to be as active as possible, are householders and have a healthy diet based on fish, rice, vegetables and fruits.

In addition, those who were middle-aged and suffered famine during the Second World War were subsequently healthier than those who did not suffer such shortcomings.

Professor Yasuyuki Gondo, Osaka University, a specialist in geriatrics, says that people who have over 100 years and a good general condition, including mentally, people have always been ambitious and easily adaptable to changes in life.

Source: The Telegraph

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