Sapphirina copepod: The most beautiful animal you’ve never seen (Video)

This small marine animal is part of the species Sapphirina copepod, popularly known as the sea sapphire. Although tiny, it shines spectacularly and can be considered one of the most beautiful animals.

Sea sapphires are very small, like water fleas, there are only a few millimeters but offers impressive images.

Depending on the species they belong to, they glow in different colors from yellow to blue, near the water surface, resembling a gem in hue. But flashes are only visible shortly.

Little is known about these interesting animals. They live in colonies and only the male gender shine.

Perhaps females looking for some “sparkle” to choose their partner. Therefore, the light show is actually a contest, a contest to win a female.

Left: A single layer of hexagonal plates in the sea sapphire’s skin, as viewed from above, Right: Layers of plates as viewed from the side [1]

Large sapphire cells are coated with microscopic crystal that reflects light. At each species, these crystal layers reflect one color, while the rest of the colors in the light spectrum are rejected.

Source: Deep Sea News

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