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Published on December 7th, 2013


How people destroyed breeds of dogs in the last hundred years! (GALLERY)

The people from Science of Dogs gathered from a series of photos from Breeds of All Nations, a total of 1915 and compared breeds of dogs since then, with them today. The results are surprising and might change the way you look at pure-bred dogs.

After a century in which people took care that these breeds to mate only to give birth to beautiful specimens to delight the eye of the beholder, many of these animals are facing endemic health problems.

Now team Gizmodo created gifs showing the breeds as they looked nearly 100 years ago and how we know them today.

Let’s take the example of the Boxer:


A short muzzle means a lot of trouble. In modern fighter, besides the muzzle being is short, he is facing up. It is very difficult to control their temperature when the weather is warm and the inability to remove heat from the body limits their physical performance. Also now, the dogs have one of the highest rates of cancer.



Dachshund had their neck and feet proportionate for their height. With time, however, the animal’s neck and back were lengthened, chest is pushing out in front and his legs were shortened significantly. Among all the dogs, it has the highest risk of developing degenerative intervertebral disc disease. Also, the Dachshund is prone to diseases related to achondroplasia and leg problems.

English Bulldog

English Bulldog

This dog is suffering from almost every disease possible. A study conducted in 2004 by the Kennel Club revealed that, on average, bulldogs live until the age of 6.25 years. Experts say there are few bulldogs that do not have any health problem.

Moreover, due to their monstrous build, bulldogs can not mate without medical intervention.

Bull Terrier

St. Bernard

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