market glory complete beginners guide earn real money

Published on February 23rd, 2013

Market Glory – Complete Beginners Guide. Earn real money

For some reason, I found the start of Market Glory to be a more friendly experience that with Anno1777. however, that might just be because I started with Anno, and Market Glory looked pretty similar, so I kind of knew the basics of the start.

Before you can start playing you will need to register an account. Keep in mind that you should chose your real country of residence, as you will automatically be assigned to that country’s community within the game. Also, for withdrawal purposes your details should be correct. In order to register Click here.

freestrategy160x600Please note that even though you can deposit as soon as you start playing, I would advise you to familiarize yourself with the game. Personally I prefer the challenge of building a bankroll, it takes longer but you get a bigger sense of accomplishment when things go well, and if they go wrong you won’t lose your own money.

When you login for the first time you will see your Home section, here you can check which bonuses you can win based on your activities. You probably noticed all the menus and options available, however, as a new player who doesn’t yet have any money to invest, you should focus on just a few of them.

The first thing you should look into is your resources, which are displayed on the top right hand side of the page and are Energy, Euro, Gold, Local Currency.

The most important resource to start of with is Energy, basically it is used in all your other activities and without it you would not be able to do anything. The last three all work as currency and can be exchanged for one another, you can think of Euro as the global currency, Gold as the standard currency and the Local Currency as the currency used in your country. Because the game works at both local and global levels, just like in real life, having a global currency allows for easy international trade with other players.

Anyways, no more off-topic tangents, onto the guide of how to start Market Glory.

1) Work Consistently
Like in Anno1777, you can work every 24 hours, but make sure you start at a time that you are usually on the computer because, from my assumptions of what I experienced, Market Glory isn’t as forgiving as Anno1777 for their superworker bonus, which requires 3 STRAIGHT days of work. In other words, Market Glory has a server reset at 00:00 server time (Anno1777, not so much) that allows for tallying up the referral bonuses, arena bonuses, resetting the fighting cap (more on that below), etc., so if you work for 2 days straight, but forget on the 3rd (server) day and the server reset occurred before you worked, you lost your chance to get money efficiently.

The first thing you should do in order to start making some money is Work, this is the fourth option on the menu to the left. When you click this section, you will see the following formula:

+ Experience
+ Knowledge

Basically, it reflects a cycle, in order to work you need energy, each time you work you get experience, knowledge you can increase by buying books, the higher these three attributes are, the higher your productivity will be. As a consequence, the more productive you are the more money you make, but for now we won’t pay much attention to this.

What you need to do now is have a look at the employment options displayed below this formula, chose your employer and click the Work button to the right of the employer description and start working. Just as in real life, your employer will be a fellow player who owns a company and needs workers to manufacture his products.
You will be allowed to work once everyday, and are awarded a work bonus whenever you play for 3 days in a row. By working once every day your productivity will increase and you will make a bit more money.
The same attributes that grow as you work, will decrease if you don’t, which means that if you only log in once or twice a week it will take you longer to make money. The upside to it is that all you need to do for now to ensure this doesn’t happen is login and click the Work button every 24 hours.

2) Fight
This is the third option on the menu to the left, and it is, alongside work, a good way for starters to make some money. When you click this option you will be presented with a list of opponents (if no opponents are available you can fight a trainer). You are allowed to fight 10 times per day, and each time you win you will earn some money. If you fought against a trainer you will only get that money, however, fighting real opponents is a bit different.

If you fight a real opponent and win he will become your referral, if you lose, you will become his referral. You can check Referrals under the section of the same name on the left hand side menu. The referral has to pay 10% tax on it’s earnings to it’s owner. When someone becomes your referral they will be blocked for 24 hours, after that they will become free and are able to fight again.

You have the option to pay a fee and keep a particular referral blocked, as long as you keep a referral blocked, that person will keep paying taxes to you and remain your property. You can also sell your referrals for gold, but before doing it you should first take your time to get familiar with the prices.

3) Starting a Company

freestrategy300x250In order to make it easier for players to get familiar on how companies work, Market Glory allows any new player to create a Newspaper company for free.

Once you got the hang of fighting and working, you should look at creating your own newspaper and start selling articles to other players.

To start a Newspaper you first need to go to the My Companies menu and click the Make New Company tab, the first item in the list will be Magazine, you will notice the price for this company is 0, so you can just click the Register button.

Your company has been created, however in order to get started you need to invest in it, and this is where the money you have been getting from working and fighting come in handy. Just click your company from the My Companies list and the available options will be displayed.

For now you should click Finance at least 2 gold. Once you have the gold, you can chose to convert it to your local currency. The reason for this is that we need to buy raw materials in order for our factory to start producing, in this case we need to buy paper. Just click the Inventory option and you will see the Raw Material section. Now that your company has funds in it all you need to do is click the Buy button to the right of Paper.

Once you have paper, you can go to Workplaces, and you will have 1 available workplace by default, the only thing left is to set a wage for your workers and save. Now all you need is for someone to work in your company, and it will start producing Newspapers.

Tip: If you work in your own company you will be turning over your own money, meaning production costs will be lower.

Recommend your referral link to everybody and earn commissions of Market Glory. Exploit all the opportunities offered by us and be with us for a long term to benefit from future projects, too.
In life every chance is worth valued at the time. Now you can develop a great opportunity worldwide by Market Glory and to accomplish all your goals. Many people waste their time on the internet without having won anything; here, with just a few minutes a day, you can manage your business in Market Glory and increase your income. We do not guarantee that everyone will achieve success, that depends on what strategy each player has in Market Glory. We make sure everything is fair, transparent and with equal opportunities for all users.

We offer support and tools to allow you to expand your business globally as much as you wish.freestrategy300x250

Each person deserves to know the economic strategies to start his own business in Market Glory.
Together we are a team and no matter who you are and where you are from, we all enjoy Market Glory.
People everywhere have the opportunity to enjoy Market Glory and contribute to the development of the system. Thus, you can achieve success both in virtual and real life.


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