google released online meditation service almost every field video

Published on November 7th, 2013

Google released an online “meditation” service in almost every field (Video)

U.S. Internet giant Google launched on Tuesday an online consulting program, through which users can pay for some tips from professionals in various fields, such as weight loss and computer problems, informs AFP.

What would you say if, through a single click, you can get help for solving IT problems, repairing a broken pipe or solving homework ? ” Asked by an official of the American group, Udi Manber.
The new service, called Helpouts, proposes to support users through video counseling sessions. This service is currently focused on eight areas: Arts and Music, Computers and Electronics, Cuisine, Education and Career, Fashion and Beauty, Fitness & Nutrition, Health, Home and Garden.

Udi Manber said that in future, the platform will be developed and will include other fields which will provide specialist advice.

This service allows users to engage in yoga, to decipher playing the guitar and refine the French language, with an internet connection with another person passionate about these areas or a specialist. Counseling can reach on this platform up to $ 240, but some advice is free.

According to Google, and companies like Sephora (which offers beauty services), Weight Watchers (weight service) and Rosetta Stone (language teaching services) in turn will provide advice through the new service.

On the other hand, the launch of Helpouts is the third attempt by U.S. to launch an online network of experts following Google Answers and Google Knol, said analyst Greg Sterling.

He said that they Helpouts platform will allow companies to promote their services, but they are likely to compete with those who offer free advice on the internet, especially on sharing websites like YouTube videos, also owned by Google group.

Google, owner of the most popular search engine on the internet in recent years released new services to attract new users and revenue.

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