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Published on November 24th, 2012


Felix Baumgartner jumped the border with outer space, breaking records and capturing unique images (PHOTO / VIDEO)

Austrian Felix Baumgartner entered the history books, becoming the first man to jump from the stratosphere and beyond the speed of sound without using any vehicle. Maximum speed reached by Baumgartner during free fall was 1342.8 km / h (Mach 1.24), a new world record.

Felix Baumgartner went with a helium balloon to an altitude of 39,045 feet, leaping to Earth in time 65 years to when Chuck Yeager became the first man to exceed the speed of sound barrier. Beside speed record set by Baumgartner, the Austrian broke two more records: free fall from the highest altitude and highest altitude reached by a man with a balloon. Felix failed to win the record fourth target - the longest period spent in free fall - which is still held by Col. Joe Kittinger, Red Bull Stratos project mentor.

“It was an incredible experience today, as was the entire project,” said Baumgartner after the jump. “First we had a great start, but then I had some problems with the power of visor. Jump was perfect, but then I began to rotate slowly. I thought I would rotate a few times and then you return to normal but accelerated spins, and at some point the feeling was terrible. I really thought for a few seconds that I will lose consciousness. I felt a sonic boom when I passed the sound barrier, because I was very I focused stabilize. was much harder than I expected to be”, said the Austrian Felix Baumgartner.

Baumgartner’s courageous leap was followed live on the Internet and television by millions of people around the world. Austrian gave viewers emotions during free fall when his body began to spin speed, but quickly recovered skydiver, opening his parachute after four minutes and 20 seconds of dive. Shortly after, the Austrian successfully landed in the desert of New Mexico, who led the cheers crew.

Baumgartner has been preparing with his team for 5 years for this mission will lead to a better understanding of how the human body can withstand the extreme conditions that are bordering space.

Baumgartner receives another great advantage in his quest: Kittinger’s help. After years the American refused to support those who wanted to break the record, now former pilot was convinced of the seriousness of Baumgartner, giving all his support. Because Joe Kittinger is the only person who knows exactly how it feels to go through what is going to make Baumgartner, former American pilot will be the only person who will communicate with Felix during the mission. “Only Joe knows how lonely you feel at that altitude. I feel that if Joe is there, nothing bad can happen, “said Baumgartner.

The highlights of the jump:


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